Life Can Feel Tough

Life can be really hard and each of us can feel it in a different way. For some people it may be not sleeping at night for others it could be struggling with eating, feeling depressed, anxious, checking things, hurting themselves, shouting at people, getting into fights, and lots more!

Sometimes people know exactly what is troubling them. It can be things in their family like lots of arguments, stress, and sadness. It can be things at school or college like friends, teachers and work. Sometimes a horrible thing is or has happening, or a person could have a big scary change or decision ahead.


Give it a GO!

These are all the sorts of things psychologists can help with. Lots of people do feel a bit unsure about seeing one - the key is to give it a go and then decide whether you feel it might help.

Sometimes it can be helpful to think that trying out seeing a psychologist will only take one hour or your time. One hour in a week, is one out of a total 168 hours, and one hour in a month is one hour out of 720 hours!

The First Appointment

The first appointment is all about me getting to know you and you getting to know me. The point is to find out how things are for you, what is going well and what is feeling more of a struggle. Some people like to speak freely, others find it easier to be asked questions. The choice will be yours. It will also be up to you and your family to work out how we start. Sometimes parents or a young person like to come on their own, sometimes parents and young people come together. You will all know what will feel right and however we start you will always be offered a chance of a session on your own.

Feeling Better

Young people and families usually feel relieved quite fast knowing that the tough bits of life have been shared and that there is a possibility of feeling better. Coming for help is never just a question of finding a way to stop something, whether a behaviour or unpleasant feeling. It is always about working towards feelings, behaviours, family , friends, relationships, work, and study all being things you can enjoy and making sure you are moving towards a future you can be excited by, in a way and at a speed that feels right for you and your family.

I look forward to perhaps meeting you soon.

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“I’ve stopped fighting with my brothers. My family now see me as an adult trustworthy member of the family.”

“I no longer get hassled by my teachers, I can now trust myself to get on with work”

“I feel happier and more confident in myself. I’m enjoying life more.”