Children's corner

A clinical psychologist is someone who talks to children, young people and families about the things that are bothering them, and then by talking helps to make things better.

There are no x-rays, or needles, but like going to doctor what is talked about is private.

Sometimes a Mum or a Dad will have noticed that someone in the family is feeling sad or angry, or just gone quiet and want to find out how to help them feel happier.

Sometimes it is a teacher who notices that someone is feeling bad, getting in a state, or struggling to get on with work, teachers or feel comfortable with other people in the class.

At other times a child may know things are not quite right: they may be feeling unhappy or panicky or cross a lot, or finding themselves struggling to eat, checking lots, having nightmares or hurting themselves.

There are also times when families ask for help to bring down the amount of shouting that is going on, or to help everyone get through something very hard that has happened.

Coming to see a psychologist, just like talking to anyone new, can feel a bit strange at first, but it does get easier fast!

The first time is all about getting to know you, what you are good at and enjoy, the things you all wish could be a bit different, and beginning to make a plan about how to help.

Most children and families feel a bit better as they share what is going on and much better as the talking begins to work and helps everyone feel happier.

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Here are some things children have said after we finished all our talking:

“I don’t feel sick anymore”

“Mummy and I don’t have arguments now”

“My work and behaviour are better.”

“I feel happy”

“I can get to sleep at night more easily”